About me

I review things.

It’s hard to tell you who I am and what I’ve done without coming off as a narcissist, so instead of listing my achievements and generic facts about myself, I’ll tell you what it is I do and why I do it. Chances are that if you’re here reading this, we have something in common: a passion for movies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the original Tarzan on VHS as kid or growing older how I was mesmerized by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, but what I can tell you is that with age I have learned to appreciate films as more than just entertainment. They are so much more than that. I yearn to be immersed in completely different constructed worlds, exposed to different cultures, and watch the developing art that is filmography. I’m always looking for the next big thing in cinema.

Over time I started paying attention to the little details in films: the construction of a scene, the verbal and physical language of a character, and the development of a narrative, which impinged on the final result. I’d re-watch old movies to spot out the things that I had missed and realize how they could completely change my perception of the movie as a whole. I’d try to take into account the intentions and ideas of the director and writers and the effectiveness of executing those ideas into the film. It was not long after that I started reviewing movies, from as young as 14, and over time these short one-paragraph reviews would turn into essays, filled with so much more to say.

Pretty soon I’d branch out from film into the ever-developing realm of quality television and video games. I felt that by creating Herb Reviews, I could not only become a source of quality control for movies and television for the younger generation, but that it could one day serve as a platform where ideas would be shared and discussions would take place over films, leading to a greater appreciation over filmography as an artwork rather than only just a source of entertainment.

Until then, I’ll be at the movies.

- Max Herberg