Superhero Comic Relief

Posted in Movie Reviews on February 11, 2016
Prod 39

Tim Miller

Running Time
108 min

This is the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

As Marvel and DC monopolize the cinemas releasing a new superhero movie each month, why should you exactly bother watching Deadpool? Well in this era saturated with superhero cinematic universes and correlating plot lines, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to cynically satirize and break away from the comic book clichés in a hilarious raunchy comedy that makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day movie.

It’s hard to talk about the expectations of Deadpool before going in. After seeing Ryan Reynold’s misrepresentation of the character in ­X-Men: Wolverine Origins and the actor’s own history of flops including The Green Lantern and RIPD, it was uncertain whether a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds once again would right any wrongs or be of any interest. That being said once the trailers started surface these suspicions were set aside those feelings quickly started to subside. It was as if a completely different actor and creative team took over the project and it’s a pleasure to say that for the entirety of the movie Deadpool is one long joy ride you never want to get off of.

Deadpool’s story is much like any other superhero origin story about love, friendship, and revenge, but what set itself apart is the film’s self-awareness of this very fact. Throughout the movie, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall talking directly to the audience about the cheesiness or clichés in certain scenes. Perhaps the most memorable of them all without spoiling much is towards the end when confronted about what it is “to be a hero” ending in perfect style. The fragmented storyline is predictable from start to finish which one could argue could’ve been ameliorated with something a bit more original but when a film explicitly sets out to satirize superhero clichés, one is most definitely going to be given the most familiar storyline of them all. It’s really all about the humor in this film, it will make or break your opinion of this movie, and thankfully it is probably the most fun anyone could have with a comic action movie. Laughing start to finish, the film’s vulgarity and cultural references keeps the mood lightened throughout.

As far as acting goes, credits have to go to Ryan Reynolds who proves to us just how committed he is to the role of Deadpool. Backed by a lot of flops and failed superhero impersonations, Reynolds redeems himself with Deadpool by bringing the charisma and charm needed to the character. From the opening scene to the after-credits scene, the audience will not be able to divert their eyes away from Reynolds because that is just how mesmerizing his character is. The supporting cast here checks the boxes needed for a movie like this, but nothing notable apart from perhaps T.J. Miller who plays Deadpool’s best friend. The villain could have perhaps been a bit more complex than the cardboard cutout that he is. Notably as the plot develops certain dimensions to his character could have been developed to enhance the tension in the final act.

Lastly and perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the film is the cinematography. Despite the film’s low budget for a superhero movie, a mere $50 million compared to the usual $150-200 million for the big blockbusters, the film does not look cheap at all. In fact the opposite, it looks rich with its perfect use of CGI, not as the main attraction or an excuse for lack of better effect, but as a tool to enhance the experience. Shaky cams are nowhere to be seen here and have been replaced by well-crafted action scenes with dazzling visual effects. The soundtrack throughout the film contains a mixture of classics from both pop and rap that really play well to juxtapose the dramatic tension developed by the plot. There truly is nothing more beautiful to look at in its 108 minute run time, not even your smartphone. 

All in all, if you have not already been compelled by Deadpool’s excellent marketing campaign to go watch the movie, then trust me as it’s perhaps a movie that everyone must go see. Not afraid to make fun of itself or its Marvel/DC counterparts, Deadpool is more than just a superhero movie, it’s a social commentary on the saturation by Hollywood’s superhero club. Just like the spaghetti westerns, it really only is a matter of time before the world forgets about superheroes.

In Summary

The Good
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Beautiful Cinematography
  • Charismatic Reynolds
The Bad
  • Cardboard Villain
  • Underdeveloped Story