Game Of Thrones

"You Know Nothing John Snow"

Posted in TV Show Reviews on April 12, 2015
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David Benioff

Running Time
55 min

Fantasy is perhaps the most difficult genre for TV, it is so hard to make a great show and so very easy to completely ruin it. As a casual reader, often times it can be disappointing to see the adaptation to the silver screen. Initial excitement to see a favorite series on the big screen is soon replaced by utter disappointment. For some bizarre reason, most adaptations that are based on intriguing books turn out to have some of the most horrendous

Several noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.

Game of Thrones on HBO is a TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin's books, a Song of Ice and Fire. Fans who have adored the books won't be able to help but love the adaptation to television. Knowing how difficult it is to adapt books into movies and TV series, but HBO'sGame Of Thronesputs all other adaptations to shame.

Game of Thronestells a story about intense lusts and passions -- the list for power, revenge, companionship and sex and all manner of things. It's frank and explicit to eliminate the sexuality is to eliminate all the power of the story. Though theses seems may be uncomfortable for some, these moments will comprise hardly 5 minutes of screen time. There is a certain energy to the series that's infectious. Whilst there may not be major action set-pieces, the show moves along cleverly, feeling neither rushed nor dragged. The show aptly captures the essence of each of these three story lines, tying them together cleverly so that the audience sees how much of these three threads are being woven into one overarching plot. Given that even 10 hours worth of material is not nearly enough to tell the full story in the book version of Game of Thrones, the writers of the show should be applauded for brilliantly transferring to the small screen all of the foreshadowing, character motivations, personalities, cultures, drama, politics, and mostly emotion of the book.

Perhaps the greatest factor in Game of Thrones is that no one is safe on the show, one must always be ready and not get to attached to the characters as they could get killed off quickly. The principle of character mortality is one of the main features that separatesGame of Thronesfrom other shows whose characters are given god-like characteristics of immortality.

Though with every great concept, it is vital to have the committed cast to execute it. Luckily, the acting is superb nailing their roles and the cast is quite excellent some seasoned whilst others are new. There is huge character development explored here on top of some of the best acting performances ever seen. From the lead characters to the peasants, wanderers, and barbarians every role in the whole show feels valued which adds vastly to the show's depth.

An undeniable drawback for the show by some is its uneven pacing. There are episodes constructed superbly whilst others form more of a buildup to the next episode, though these are necessary, they can demotivate some to continue watching the show. This is no great issue, yet should be something that hopefully showrunners could look upon to improve in the future. 

Game of Thronesis a revolutionary show that hopefully will jumpstart the upcoming era of the "Golden age of Television". A show that never ceases to amaze and pleases from those who want to enjoy a smartly thought out fantasy to those who want to marvel at all the mysteries and philosophies that the 7 kingdoms has to offer. If only it could only go on forever...

In Summary

The Good
  • Breathtaking Plotlines
  • Superb Acting
  • Amazing Cinematography
The Bad
  • Slight Pacing Issues